Green Border 2

We built an Integrated System for Monitoring the Border with the Republic of Turkey for the Ministry of Interior, General Directorate Border Police. We were in consortium with Indra Sistemas.

The proposed solution is based on industry-accepted principles for the design of such systems and is consistent with the recommendations of the European Union for border surveillance in the Member States. Its aim is to help the Border Police in the effective management and use of its own resources in the process of successfully detecting and holding objects than pose a threat.

The project provides sensor coverage of the state border and the transit areas leading from the border to the interior of the country via surveillance cameras, sensors, and sensor lines in order to detect, classify, and track objects posing a threat along the state border in areas identified as such with increased threat .

The Integrated System for Control and Monitoring include:

  • Expansion of the Regional Coordination Centre
  • 4 Local coordination centers
  • 5 stationary posts for technical monitoring
  • Perimeter security alarm system with a total length of about 60 km
  • 4 mobile posts for technical monitoring
  • External power supply for the system components with a total length of about 85 km
  • Construction of fiber-optic cable line with a total length of about 60 km
  • Building a communication system consisting of radio-relay network, network equipment, and WiMax network
  • Telecommunication lines for communication and WiMax network
  • Investment design of the sites of the Integrated System

The project was successfully finalized in time and the fully functional integrated system was delivered officially to the client.