Telelink completed the Green Border 2 project

Telelink completed the Green Border 2 project
1 July 2015

Telelink has successfully completed the three-year long project for the "Development of an Integrated System for Monitoring the Border with Turkey." Beneficiary of the realization of that project is the Ministry of Interior, General Directorate Border Police. The funding is pyovided by the Annual Indicative Programme 2007-2009 under the Schengen Facility, co-financed by the national budget. The project was built by GREEN Border Consortium Ltd., including companies Telelink EAD and Indra Sistemas, with equal participation.

The project's aim is to provide sensor coverage of the state border and the transit areas leading from the border to the interior of the country via surveillance cameras, sensors, and sensor lines in order to detect, classify, and track objects posing a threat along the state border in areas identified as such with increased threat .

The project started in April 2013 and successfully finished in June 2015.


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